Welcome to Rømø Shellfish A / S

Rømø Shellfish is a newly started shellfish company. In 2019, as the first company in Denmark, we have chosen to focus on catching, processing and selling Danish caught whelks.

With our unique location in the Unesco protected Wadden Sea, we are also working purposefully to be able to handpick and fish the invasive Pacific oyster for the Danish and foreign consumers who appreciate the good quality and absolutely fantastic taste that characterize oysters from the Wadden Sea.

The company is based on fisherman Ole Daugaard's lifelong passion for seafood fishing, and great experience with seafood processing. For decades, Ole Daugaard has caught mussels and at his own factory on Rømø, his son Thomas Daugaard, has been in charge of the work of making the mussels ready for consumers. Now the time has come to work with the tastefull  whelk ….. and Wadden Sea Oyster.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

What can we do for you

With our own fleet of fishing vessels, we ensure a stable supply, supplemented by other boats that also land for us. The catches are delivered directly to our facilities at Rømø, where we immediately process, pack and forward the beautiful Danish whelks.

We work purposefully to create a quality product that can create value for you and your business, whether you are a consumer, restaurant or industry.

We therefore offer:

  • Fresh Seafoods
  • Fresh or frozen packages
  • Full traceability and excellent quality
  • Delivery to industry, foodservice or HORECA

Our vision

Our vision is to help spread the knowledge of the tasty Danish whelk to the Danish consumers and others, many of whom have never tasted this wonderful and very healthy seafood.

In cooperation with the fishermen, we want to promote the coastal and sustainable fishing and, through gentle handling in our production, create healthy shellfish products for our customers.

Rømø Shellfish A/S   •   Nordre Havnevej 7   •   Havneby -  6792 Rømø   •   T: 40 29 07 06  •   T: 20 69 00 68  •   mail@romoshellfish.dk