Our Background


Rømø Shellfish A / S is located in the former Seafood Rømø's mussel factory, and behind the project is Seafood Rømø's former owner fisherman Ole Daugaard and his son Thomas Daugaard, who until 2017 delivered the highly sought after Rømø Mussels to Danish and foreign customers.

Since 1992, we have fished Danish blue mussels. For more than a decade we have been processing the mussels at our large mussel factory on Rømø, from where we have serviced Danish and foreign customers with fresh mussels in different varieties.

In 2017, Seafood Rømø was sold, but we could not do without the sea and the fishing. So in 2018 we started a whole new adventure with the whelk fishing, which in the beginning we supplied to Southern Europe.

In 2019, we have decided to make an effort to present the whelk to the Danish consumers, and initiated a smaller production in our fine facilities at Rømø. From here, we clean, pack and distribute the whelks to Danish and foreign customers.

Ole Dauggaard
Rømø Shellfish A/S

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