We are located on the Island Rømø in our fine factory facilities at the harbor in the small harbor town Havneby. Our unique location in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park gives us direct access to the many oyster banks, where we handpick the most beautiful Wadden Sea Oysters.

In the Wadden Sea around Rømø, the tastefull Pacific oyster has optimal living conditions, and several places, it has established itself on large oyster banks. DTU Aqua has estimated that the stock has reached a size of more than 72,000 tons.

With only 80 km to the border, we can quickly service the European markets, just as we from the Port of Esbjerg can ship to even more destinations.

Rømø Shellfish A/S   •   Nordre Havnevej 7   •   Havneby -  6792 Rømø   •   T: 40 29 07 06  •   T: 20 69 00 68  •   mail@romoshellfish.dk