About Rømø Shellfish A/S


Rømø Shellfish A / S focuses purposefully on utilizing the very fine Danish whelkl, which is found everywhere in Danish waters.

The whelk is a fantastic natural resource, which a small handful of forward-looking Danish fishermen, has learned to catch, after learning the fishing technique from their colleagues in England, Scotland, Ireland and France. With an innovative approach, we work with the fishermen to create a foundation for a Danish sustainable fishing and further processing of the whelk.

With our location in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park, we also have a unique opportunity to offer the Wadden Sea Oyster (Crassostrea gigas).

We are also approved as a processing center for oysters collected in the Wadden Sea. In our food-approved premises, we store and handle the live oysters until they are sent directly to leading restaurants and fishing shops.

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