Our customers say our oysters are in a premium class of their own - and we clearly understand why they think so.

With the Wadden Sea's fresh seawater as a natual food source, and nature's fascinating shift between the high tide and low tide, the great, beautiful wild oyster in the Wadden Sea around Rømø has optimal living conditions. The species is also called Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) and as the name indicates, it is an invasive species. In fact, it thrives so well in the fresh sea around Rømø that it gradually poses a threat to our original species, including mussels, which constitute an important food base for the many bird species that live in the Wadden Sea area.

Our Rømø Oysters are known for a fantastic fresh taste and it’s high and fine meat structure, which  we have not seen anywhere else. It is not bred, but a pure and wild natural product.

Rømø Shellfish A / S has built up a very gentle project, where we hand-collect the Rømø Østers in the Wadden Sea and on the best banks in the Wadden Sea around Rømø.

At low tide we gently gather the best and most meaty oysters together, after which we in small boats sail them directly home to our service and processing center, where they are carefully placed in our pools with running sea water. The fresh seawater from the Wadden Sea contains all the nutrients that the oysters naturally live on.

This way, we deliver the world's best Rømø Oysters, while contributing to a healthier balance in the Wadden Sea by reducing an invasive species.

In regards to the support for fishing for the invasive Pacific oysters, the Danish authorities have made it possible for Rømø Shellfish A / S to establish a so-called expedition center for oysters.

The expedition center must receive, register, clean, store and forward the very tasteful oysters.

In our future "oyster hotel", the live oysters are stored in clean and running seawater, which we pump directly from the Wadden Sea. The fresh seawater contains all the necessary nutrients needed by the oysters to stay alive, fresh and to grow.

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