The whelk is a saltwater sea snail shellfish that is found everywhere in Danish waters. It typically lives at depths of about 20 meters of water. It lives on the seabed well protected in its beautiful snail house, which can vary in color from jade green to light brown or gray shades. It is especially tasty when fished in our cold, fresh northern waters and can be up to approx. 14 cm.

The whelk is extremely popular in the Asian countries, where it is prepared in a myriad of flavors. Eg. canned in different marinades, as live, frozen or as sushi. In France they go under the name Bulot and are often eaten cooked directly from the snail house dipped in a mayonnaise. The Italians have their very own variant Scungilli Marinara, where the fine snail meat is served in a tomato sauce with fresh basil, oregano and chili seeds.

The meat is firm and has a fresh seafood and light saltwater taste.

The popularity of the whelk is growing rapidly as the myriad applications and preparation methods become widespread. This tasty seafood is therefore found in more and more restaurants all over the world prepared in delicious garlic sauces, as fritters, in creamy chrowders, with noodles and in salads.

Rømø Shellfish A / S sells the Danish whelk in several variants:

  • Live in net bags, different sizes from 1 kg.
  • Frozen in net bags of different sizes from 1 kg.
  • Frozen in boxes of different sizes
  •  Packed according to customer's request

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