Sustainable fishing means taking care of fish stocks, respecting habitats and ensuring that people who rely on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.

Fishing for whelks is fully in line with these principles of sustainable fishing.

The catch method itself is done by a simple pot in which bait is put, to attract the whelks. The pot is standing still on the seabed without destroying it. The whelks crawl through a net at the top of the pot and down to the bait. The pots are connected with long lines, and the fisherman typically empties them after a couple of days when the fisherman considers that the pots are well filled with whelks. The pots are hauled aboard, emptied and new bait is put into the pots, before they are put to sea again.

The smallest whelks below approx. 45mm are sorted on board and discarded immediately, so that they can grow in size, and make sure, that there is plentiful of whelks to be caught in the future.

Fishing takes place in the coastal areas as a day fishing. The consumption of fuel is therefore limited, and the catch is quickly on land, thus ensuring freshness.

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